Winery Nikolaus Köwerich
Nick and Annette Köwerich
Maximinstraße 11
54340 Leiwen
T: 0049(0)6507-4282
M: 0049(0)175-207-1680
F: 0049(0)6507-3037

We are always happy to welcome visitors interested in wine.
So that we are not out and about in the vineyards when you
arrive, please let us know your visit details. We are more than
happy to send you information about holidays in the Mosel
region and tell you about our favourite local addresses.
For example, these:

Restaurant Wein- und Tafelhaus, Trittenheim/Mosel

Restaurant Lea Linster, Frisange/Luxembourg

Weinromantikhotel Richtershof, Mülheim/Mosel

Moselhotel Ludwigs, Köwerich/Mosel

Weinbar Weinsinnig, Trier

Lillers Landhotel, Horbruch/Hunsrück