„...duftet wie ein Korb voller Pfirsiche und Aprikosen.
Mit nur 10 % Alkohol ...“ (Natalie Lumpp in Plus Magazin 10/2016)
“In mouth it dance its name" (SWR 2013 about 2012)
“...invigorating with aromas of freshly cut grass and
citrus fruits.” (Brigitte 20/2009)
“...fresh and with a hint of peach...” (Gala 44/2006)

Seductive floral aromas from the Laurentiuslay. For during the day, in the evening and at night. Classic, unmistakable Mosel. After studying viticulture in Geisenheim, I wanted to do everything differently from my father. However, a 2003 vintage in the cellar hadn't developed as I'd expected it to. My wife was already amazed at the first tasting in spring 2004. It didn't taste of late summer like a late vintage but subtle like spring, feminine, as if "For Fairies and Elves". After a passionate debate, this is what we called it and we produce it year after year.