"... Eleganz am Gaumen gereicht einem Wunder"
(Beerenauslese 2015), (93 Punkte) (Fallstaff 2017)
Best of show Riesling late harvest (Spätlese 2001),
(Mundus vini 2016)
Regional Trophy (Spätlese 1999), (Decanter 2015)

Across from the wine-growing village of Leiwen the Leiwener Laurentiuslay vineyard rises up - our special location. Over time
we were able to acquire a continuous area of land there which
was thrown together from more than 90 small plots. Thanks to
its southwest exposure it gets the afternoon and evening sun –
a warm dry location, like a loge on rare earth.The Riesling vines,
some of which are very old - nestle their roots deep into the Blauen Devonschiefer. We want these wines to tell everything about the
location, the two millennia of wine growing on the Moselle, the
Riesling tradition on the Middle Mosel that dates back to 1465…
These Rieslings get more mysterious each year, they tell, changing,
of summers long past, let memories dance on the tongue: subtle,
multi-layered, perhaps even "enchanting"...

www.jancisrobinson.com (MS) wrote at 15th August 16 about Leiwener Laurentiuslay Riesling Beerenauslese 2015: „The Laurentiuslay Beerenauslese does not try to overwhelm with exotic aromas but
seeks its organoleptic salvation in the gentle fragrance of fresh figs, butterscotch and a discreet notion of lanolin. Like all Nick Köwerich’s noble sweet offerings, this wine exhibits a rich and almost oily texture, but a cool salty tang, fresh orange and a zesty piquancy banish any danger of cloying. A juicy taste of raisins completes a delightful experience.” (18 Punkte)

Decanter gave in 2015 Gold and Regional Trophy to Nikolaus
Köwerich Spätlese 1999 and wrote: “This beauty has aged with grace.
The nose is composed of honey, cashew nuts, petrol, smoke, leather
and caramel, while the palate delivers flavours that coatthe mouth,
with dried lemon zest accompanied by flint, pear and even a bit of
smoky bacon. Long and utterly gorgeous.”