Riesling is patient. Special Rieslings become even more exciting as they age and as antiques show quietly and even more clearly that they are inimitable all over the world. Special bottles from our vineyards are stored in our old, dark, cool slate cellars and are oblivious to the leap-frogging of politics, shares, periods in office, rapid floods of information and other short-lived phenomena.

Once you uncork these wines, they quietly tell you about summers which have allowed them to grow. This is why we developed the "Liquid Times": a game for one to ten people with four Rieslings from four decades. They allow the sun of those summers to dance on your tongue again, recall memories of great moments, sweet life, happiness experienced. Chronologies with notes on culture, sport and politics stimulate thoughts. Question cards on culinary and other wonderful topics generate an exchange of the time travellers' thoughts: recall and celebrate the most beautiful memories!