Leiwen, spring 2017

Dear Sir/Madam,

In our cellar the first wines from that surprising vintage 2016
wait for being bottled. They tell about the „cool climate spring“,
and tropical August and September: elegant, female Moselle-
Rieslings! And while we cut the shoots, our new building with
a “vinothek” grows.

To from the 10th to the 11th June 2017 it
should be ready (news you also can find on facebook.)

"Best of Show Riesling late harvest" called Mundus vini in 2016
our 2001 Spätlese from the Leiwener Laurentiuslay - after the
1999 had been distinguished in the year before as „Bester Riesling feinherb”, Grosses Gold. Jancisrobinson. com and Fallstaff have
written for the first time about our wines and the Gault and Millau
wine guide gave the 3rd grape to our winey (cf. press). We are
glad thankfully!

Some people have problems to spell “Nick Köwerich”. So we have
started to use the name which is in my identity card: Nikolaus
Köwerich for the winery. Saint Nikolaus is the patron of the
(Moselle-) Fischer. So that name was and is often used here at
the Moselle. Hundred years before here at Moselle Saint Nikolaus
brought the “Christmas presents” – not the “Christkind”. Familiy
 and Friends may call me Nick!

With best wishes for a happy,
carefree, sunny spring and summer

Nick Köwerich
We look forward to you