„ … zeigt Frische, Würze und Struktur, ist komplex und zugleich transparent …“

(Gault und Millau Weinguide 2017)

"Top Ten Wine“ in the FOCUS wine test (FOCUS 49/2013, 2012)
… Delicate and intellectual (Luxemburger Tageblatt 9/2011 on the 2010 wine)

Grown in “Köwericher Laurentiuslay” which now is marked on the Front-Lable.
For several years an old friend, Nic Herbst, Restaurant Interieur no. 253,, in the ARP Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck, had been asking for a wine from the steep slope that is drier and more masculine than the “Für Feen und Elfen” Riesling [For Fairies and Elves]. In October 2010, we were able to harvest the right grapes in a newly acquired vineyard and we processed them slowly and gently. The result? A full-bodied and, at the same time, elegant wine typical for the Moselle that is a perfect accompaniment for stag parties, meat dishes and more. My wife likes it, too. Since then, we have been producing this wine every year.