I was born into a wine growing family in March 1965. The Köwerich Family is noted in the books of the village since 1525. And they´ve produced wineAs a schoolchild, I always threw my satchel into the
corner immediately, the vineyards and cellars were far more exciting. After taking my A-levels in Trier, I inquisitively studied Viticulture and Oenology in Geisenheim. Lectures and above all exciting student tastings and excursions to other wine growing regions showed me: Rieslings from the Mosel are subtle and special and, above all, cannot be copied anywhere else in the world. I suspected why Mosel Rieslings around the turn of the century were at least just as valuable in money as plants from Burgundy and Bordeaux. With my qualification from Geisenheim, I went straight back to the Mosel region in 1990. When I took over the wine-growing estate from my parents, Annemarie and Stefan Köwerich in the summer
of 1994, an agricultural engineer was on her first business trip. She came from Koblenz to Leiwen. Two years later she became my wife. We have three daughters. She pays homage to the landscape, its wine and history
in small books.